Asia's FIRST Experiential
Food Event

Taste, Feel & Learn about the Future of Food.

22nd September 2018 | Cospace Park Singapore

Come & experience the future of food with 

family & friends!

RSVP & reserve your free workshop seats soon before they run out! 

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Immerse yourself in the future of food with a curated marketplace, hands-on experience zones & empowering speaker keynotes thoughtfully put together to fill up your well-deserved Saturday!

On the 22nd September 2018, we will launch what we aim to be Asia's largest celebration of Food Innovation & the most rewarding educational & gourmet event for all ages & communities.


This event is open to the public & is FREE to attend!

$10 coupon will be given out to spend at the event if you pre-register beforehand

(while stocks last - so RSVP to reserve yours now!)

Asia's FIRST food innovation event where anyone can experience the Future of Food firsthand through different interactions. 



CoSpace Park, 43 Science Park Rd




Taste the Future Marketplace.

Featuring businesses passionate to drive change in the way we cultivate, source & prepare the food we consume. 

See & most importantly EAT amazing food that not only taste but ARE good for your well-being & our environment.

Fresh Urban Farm Produce | Gluten-Free Bread | Plant-based meat | Zero preservative Instant Food & MORE!

Build the Future Experience Zone.

What better way to spend time with your family & friends by joining them in educational hands-on & interactive workshops? 

Get your farmer hats on by setting up mini farms at home & dive into the world of local bees for the weekend!


  • Urban Farming 101  - Benefits of container farming in Singapore

  • Understanding the world of bees - Importance of local bee conservation

  • Introduction to composting - How you can be part of a sustainable food chain

Limited slots available only! Reserve them now!

Learn the Future
Speaker Zone.

Knowledge is power. 

You will be surprised what is going on in the food industry today & how we are harming both ourselves & the environment around us. 

Learn from the experts in their fields on how you can protect your family from increasingly harmful food products through unique sourcing methods & diet hacks.


  • The future of Micronutrients  - How it can reverse diseases

  • Instant Food Today - How to have convenience WITH health

  • Managing fruits in our diet - New ways to enjoy our favourite fruit

  • Boosting wellness for the family - Into the world of our gut

Limited slots available only! Reserve them now!

Experience the Future of Food with

Advocating green living in Singapore with their One-Stop Landscape & Foodscape platform.

Real food bakery creating great tasting bakes & treats with paleo & all natural ingredients. 

Experience the future of sustainable lifestyle through their eco workshops!

Witness the future of convenient food without giving up on health! 

Interact in person with the global brand that took the world by storm with their meat substitute innovation!

Find the ultimate drink that packs all the macro & micronutrients you need.

Break your body's nutritional needs down to the micro level & understand what YOU need.

Taste a carefully engineered mix of 26 whole foods, for the perfect balance of nutrients your body needs to thrive.

Find out how technology can help connect us in cities to farms to get the freshest produce!

Get inspired with the Zero Waste Lifestyle and find the community to keep you going!

Discover snacks that are 100% natural fruits with no added nonsense, designed for our busy lifestyle.

Discover an easy way to source premium & organic ingredients from trusted producers around the world!

Touch & feel the award winning self contained & watering grow bed for easy & effective gardening anywhere.

Learn how you can grow your own farm at home with the most efficient & sustainable farming, aquaponics!

Explore the world of the bees & appreciate their importance in our future!

Find out how to get international high quality food products right at your doorstep.

Taste variations of the Spanish Superfood root vegetable, Chufa, a spanish superfood! 

Discover eco-friendly essentials & how we can all leave a smaller footprint!

How to Get There



Kent Ridge MRT Station Exit B to Science Park 1 

Bus stop 15139 

Board bus 200, alight after 1 stop

Or 10min walk down North Buona Vista Road from the bus stop

At the next bus stop, cross the road & turn into sheltered walkway


Cospace Park, 43 Science Park Rd, Singapore 117408

Come & experience the future of food with family & friends! 

RSVP & reserve your free workshop seats soon before they run out!